Epic War- Combination of real and virtual

The Challenge

  • Integrating 3D graphics and cinematic elements into blockchain poses technical challenges.
  • Ensuring interoperability between the game environment and blockchain infrastructure is crucial.
  • Developing a scalable NFT framework for in-game assets is challenging due to high transaction volume.
  • Balancing decentralization with centralized game development is essential for player autonomy and integrity.
  • Implementing secure smart contracts for managing NFT ownership requires thorough testing.

The Solution

  • Technology Scope Requirement analysis, coding, testing, deployment, and post-production maintenance.
  • Tools Visual Studio Code, Termius, Table Plus.
  • Technologies Applied Solidity, Typescript, Javascript, AdonisJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, Docker, Netlify, Remix.


Epic War Studios successfully developed Epic War, receiving acclaim for its innovative gameplay and integration of blockchain technology. Players appreciated the ability to create and personalize avatars, weapons, and gear, as well as the immersive co-op strategy experience. The free-to-play-to-earn model and Gaming DAO (EpicDAO) fostered community engagement and rewarded player participation. Overall, Epic War achieved its goal of merging the real and virtual worlds, establishing itself as a pioneering force in the gaming industry.