The Challenge

  • Capture all web3 and blockchain projects, irrespective of their fundraising or launch phase
  • Filter and analyze these projects to rank and provide recommendations to investors based on their preferences
  • Conduct analysis on user preferences

The Solution

  • Integrating a customized Data mining and Data Analytic system to support the project
  • Integrating sentiment analysis to gather and analyze investors or user reaction on social media presents a challenge in terms of user interface, accessibility, and user experience design


  • Collect data of 12,000 Venture Capitals and investors
  • Store and analyze data of more than 4000 projects
  • Acquire more than 10,000 users
  • Captured 95% pre-launched projects across 18 ecosystems in 4 months 
  • 10-20 projects added real-time everyday
  • $1 Mil fundraised
  • 6000 concurrent users
  • 12,000 VC and investors’ data