A Metaverse based Game: Widiland- Free to Play & Play to Earn

Based on blockchain technology, Widiland was created with the aim the places where players can Free Play and Play to Earn through exploring and building a new world.

The Challenge

  • Guaranteed performance with a huge number of transactions per second
  • Friendly and easy-to-use UX enabling features
  • Scalability by executing zero-knowledge proof compatible smart contract
  • Anti-cheat mechanism and security detection

The Solution

  • Business design/overall business management
  • Fund Raising
  • Tokenomics design
  • Marketing Community Building
  • IDO/NFT initial sale/token listing
  • Blockchain/web related development


  • Since its release, Widiland has been welcomed by users all over the world and has gained great popularity
  • A Metaverse game for more than 700,000 users
  • 75,000 NFT minted and sold on Marketplace
  • Total transactions is more than $1 Millions