Todress: Crypto’s Prop-Trade and Social Trading Platform

Next Generation of Crypto Social Trading Platform combining prop-trade challenges and copy-trade functions

The Challenge

  • Developing a decentralized and secure platform architecture to ensure user privacy and data integrity
  • Implementing blockchain-based smart contracts for prop-trade challenges.
  • Integrating blockchain oracles to fetch real-time market data and facilitate accurate price feeds for copy-trade functions, ensuring reliable and up-to-date trading information.
  • Addressing scalability challenges inherent in blockchain networks to support a high volume of trading activities and user interactions without compromising performance or decentralization.

The Solutions

  • Develop a Prop trading platform

The Results

  • 1,500 users
  • $1,7M funded trading volume
  • $5,491 users’ profit withdrawals


The Challenge

  • Issues when integrating adaptive pricing 
  • Integration with a lot of partners and 3rd party providers

The Solution

  • Research new technical solutions of 3rd party providers and partners to ensure smooth integration
  • Customizable contract to fit with adaptive pricing and new requirements from clients
  • Consult UI/UX on how to create a proper social app while provide different ideas on how to improve user experience and attract new users


  • $750,000 fundraised
  • >7000  users
  • >10,000 quests completed
  • 600% increased in user participated during Beta launch