Bitbull: Blockchain system

Bitbull is a Blockchain system which was created with the purpose for KOLs to participate in promoting upcoming projects. Based on the effectiveness of PR activities, the system automatically calculates rewards for KOLs

The Challenge

  • Reporting features must be updated in real-time

The Solution

  • Building multiple features related to the control system, reconciling reports using the explorer API, and integrating with The Graph

The Result

  • The system provides stability and has helped numerous projects raise millions of dollars in IDO rounds

Search Protocol: Deploy your own website

Search Protocol is a Web3 Solution allows web not only web designers but also non-tech user to deploy theirs own website

The Challenge

  • Building a CMS (Content Management System) and integrating data onto the blockchain.

The Solution

  • Providing a website creation solution with basic components, allowing users to create their own templates and components and tokenize them.
  • Create a Web3 CMS system enables non-technical users to create websites. Designers can build website templates, components, and sell them as NFTs.