GameFi Platform: Eternal Glory- Play and earn real Profits

Eternal Glory is a multiverse that is made up of many realms. Each realm in Eternal Glory is designed to have unique gameplay mechanics and each NFT is designed to have different skillsets and different use cases once they set foot into a new realm. Players can endlessly travel between different realms, uncover hidden treasure, and unlock new game modes to achieve ultimate glory

The Solution

  • Eternal Glory is a AA class multi-chain game-Fi platform that allows players to collect, trade, and play NFTs
  • Users can get real profits

The Result

  • 10k+ downloads

A Metaverse based Game: Widiland- Free to Play & Play to Earn

Based on blockchain technology, Widiland was created with the aim the places where players can Free Play and Play to Earn through exploring and building a new world.

The Challenge

  • Guaranteed performance with a huge number of transactions per second
  • Friendly and easy-to-use UX enabling features
  • Scalability by executing zero-knowledge proof compatible smart contract
  • Anti-cheat mechanism and security detection

The Solution

  • Business design/overall business management
  • Fund Raising
  • Tokenomics design
  • Marketing Community Building
  • IDO/NFT initial sale/token listing
  • Blockchain/web related development


  • Since its release, Widiland has been welcomed by users all over the world and has gained great popularity
  • A Metaverse game for more than 700,000 users
  • 75,000 NFT minted and sold on Marketplace
  • Total transactions is more than $1 Millions