The Challenge

  • Build from scratch from idea to reality
  • Developing a real-time game server to track user gameplay and record logs in real-time
  • Balancing economic system in-game and game system
  • Character skills implementation (some are really complicated to execute in a short-time)
  • Creating animated NFT (with animation) and AR version of them
  • Generate mass amount of animated NFT in short period of time (>12000 NFT in 4 days)
  • Create distinctive features and variables for each NFT to be unique

The Solution

  • Research and developing a real-time server with Nakama
  • Using Unity power to mass produce both animated and normal NFT
  • Using Unity to create AR characters with the support of 3rd party provider to display AR characters


  • A Metaverse game for more than 4000 users
  • 20,000 NFT minted and sold on Marketplace
  • Total NFT value sold is more than $350,000
  • 1500 con-current users playing Alpha Test
  • More than 120,000 characters from 10 different collections ready to be minted 
  • $3 MIL fundraised